What Skills Should Matter to a Developer - Part One

What Skills Should Matter to a Developer - Part One

I have listened to diverse opinion about what skills is more valuable to a developer, skills is what makes you stand out in crowd, it is the definition of what you know and what you can accomplish, take skills as the key to your success in the industry and it vital that you have the skills that matters and put you on the state art position and be more productive.

Skills remains phenomenal to anyone trying to making a career as any field as we want to be a manager there's a managerial skills you need to possess, so as developer.

In this article I divide the skills into two category core skills and Auxiliary Skills, which include both soft and hard skills.

1. Core Skills

This are fundamental set of skills every developer needs, at any point in time in other to make a successful career, it is the realm of your technical know how, it aide your decision about how to do it and when to do it.

1. Learning Skills:- a developer is a life time students, so long we want to prosper you need to learn everyday, thus, not learning everyday that is the issue, both crushing the learning curve, been able to understand what you learnt, remember what you have learnt and apply it. As developer you need to understand that you need learning skills in other to thrive.

2. Coding Skills:- as a developer you need master at least one programing language, ability to solve complex problem with it. Mastery of your preferred programing language is essential tools for your journey to the land of success.

3. Version Control:- the ability to use git and other version control platform is essential for every developer, most companies will prefer to employ a developer who is proficient in collaborative coding and working remotely.

4. Problem Solving:- problem solving skills is an influencial to you as a developer, it is the ability to understand what exist under the hood and knowing of the possibility that exists in complex situation.

5. Database Manipulation:- any software you are developing involves receiving and storing of data and retrieving the data processed. Your mastery of both Relational Database Management System and none RDMS remains constant, as no software is complete without data querying.

6. Platforms and Operating Systems:- there's numerous platform raging from platforms as a service like AWS, GCP, Azure etc, web hosting platforms and other softwares like IDEs. Operating Systems also varies at least master one whether Windows, Linux or Mac thus it depends on the PC you have. You need to manage issues like memory usage, software crashing etc.

7. Communication Skills:- Ability to communicate both verbal and none verbal remains sacrosanct, you need be heard and understood, communicating your ideas without rancor.

8. Design and Creative Thinking:- as a developer you need to think outside the box in other to develop better Solutions. You also need to understand certain design concept, even thus design is a field of it own.

9. Data Structure and Algorithm:- imagine you are developing a software that will serve ten million users, how do you scale and also solve the complexity of the problem, only your understanding of data structures and algorithm that can rescue you. And top tech giants consider individuals with this skills much more over their counterpart.

To be continued