What Skills Should Matter to a Developer (part 2)


"Who you know is as important as what you know." In the previous edition I covered core skills in this will continue with auxilliary skills, these are skills which augment your belt.

2. Auxiliary skills

These are set of supportive skills which is essential to guarantee your success in the industry as a developer.

1. Empathy

Empathy means putting yourself in the shoe of your clients, reason along with their state and conditions. Empathy is essential in making decisions about project and making deliverables within the context of your clients.

2. Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals are essential skills, as a developer you should understand how computer communicate with each other through the user agent (browser) to the server. What http request is, IP address etc.

3. Marketing Skills

Marketing is a different field often occupied by specialist in this area, but as a developer why should it concerns you, you need marketing skills to help you play along in the development of the project. Not just the project/product you need to market your skills, people need to be aware of what you can solve and do.

4. Team Work:-

The ability to work in a team speaks volume in your career as Developer, you may find yourself in a situation of working with different teams in a diverse project. The ability to maintain effective participation and communication as team player is key.

5. Management Skills:-

Management entails control of variables at play in the course of projects Development. As Developer you need management skills like time management, code management, resources management and your understanding of management process will make it easy to work along with the timeline of the product manager product requirements document.

6. Code Review and Modular Coding:-

There's a very high tendency that you may not be the one to handle the code base. For this reason in other not to put your successor in jeopardy modular and clean coding skills is required. Also working as team you will need to review your code and sometimes refactor it to meet certain standard.

7. Inter Personal Relationship:-

Who you know is as important as what you know, this may sound wierd to you but it essential to maintain good personal relationship with others and attend meet ups, dev events and talks, your ability to keep this relationship with people serves as a security for your securing your first job or even getting a juice contract. Most Developer roles comes through recommendations.


Skills stack determine what you can do, so crush the learning curve and acquire the skills that matters