The difference between product management, product marketing and project management

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The difference between product management, product marketing and project management

This three concept are interwoven, but distinctively different. Thus it often understood as thesame.

Product Management

This entails translating product ideas into deliverable finished product, anything that concern the whole product ranging from ideation, initiation, design, Development and product marketing inclusive.


Product marketing

This deals with exploration of ways to get new costumers or users, maintain and retain existing users and possibly how to get into wider coverage for the product in other to generate revenue and profits.


Project Management

It is a specific niche which deals planing, implementation and evaluations of an embarked acquisition by a company it could be assets, new building, new equipment and campaigns for expanding the scope of a company.

The Difference

The roles each of this individuals plays in a company is clearly different. There's no need to mistook one for another or regard the job role of product manager to include product marketing. Yes, it required of the product manager to ensure that the product is Dearing in other to ensure customers or users are retianed, convert non financial users to financial users. Because the general aims of every business is to generate revenue and makes profits. Product Management and product marketing may said to have intercepted in areas of making sure proper return on investment is attained, so that the product get more users which in turn earns smiles to the company revenues.

Project management also entails strategic planning and coordination of company dreams and aspirations through acquisition. Like construction of new building, getting new assets etc.


Product Management entails everything that involves getting a product shipped and it's different from product marketing and project management.

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